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meegos universe

A collection of 10,000 characters carefully handcrafted with distinct personalities and emotions.

Don't be fooled by their cuteness; they only want world domination.

The MeeStory

You've encountered cute characters before. You've also come across badass characters. But the Meegos? You will not stop adoring their delightful blend of mischief and badassery.

Our goal was to create characters who aren't striving to be cute or demanding your affection, yet you'll love them anyway.

The Evolution

After a lot of trial & error, our ultimate Meego embodies everything we envisioned. Mischievous and adorable, it flawlessly encompasses complex traits. It's meticulously engineered and tested to ensure an ideal profile picture and has a familiar structure that resonates with everyone. We've found the one!

First character

Meet our inaugural character. Its adorable, chubby features exude cuteness, but it might not be the perfect profile picture. Nevertheless, this character became the inspiration for our future creations. to be the place that sparks connections and fuels interactions.

Second character

It possesses all the traits of our initial inspiration character but lacks the level of badassery we sought. We needed more complexity and uniqueness in its personality.

Final character

The MeeBrand

The Mee Brand brings together a community of gamers, content creators, and trendsetters. Join us to immerse yourself in a world of digital experiences through MeeArcade and real-life adventures with MeeEvents.

The MeePaper

A brand that speaks to all. Meegos isn't confined to just NFTs. From day one post-mint, we're rolling out a plan that includes relatable animated Meegos videos.

But that's just the beginning.

Meegos Welcome App

A place that connects us all—Meegos holders, creators, and enthusiasts. The Meegos Welcome App is designed to be the place that sparks connections and fuels interactions.

MeeArcade: Unlock Gaming

Taking the Meegos experience to a new level, let's dive into the MeeArcade—a new kind of Gaming and rewards.

MeeStream: Unleash Creativity

Proudly celebrating the creative genius of our Meegos community, MeeStream—is a platform to showcase and celebrate our talents.

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A top-secret experimental social project that puts Meegos at the front and centre. Built for everyone, combined with airdrops, claims and everything exciting about Crypto. The more attention Basil gets, the more attention Meegos get.